I started work as a makeup artist with a passion for all that is beautiful. 12 Years ago I attended a makeup school and began to work, but it was not at the professional level I wanted, so I decided to enroll myself in the top school of its kind in Romania today, Kruger Brent Makeup Academy. I competed the initial course work, graduated, and continue to take coursework there today. For nearly a year I studied the art of basic makeup from day to day effects, as well as extensive training in special effects.

I found that I was able to do things that I never thought I could do. Here I discovered my passion for illustration, and I incorporate this into my work everyday, bringing to my projects an illustrative 2 and 3 dimensional design sensibility that has become my signature.

I consider myself lucky, because throughout my career I have been, and continue to be, supported and encouraged by my family to follow my dreams.

I invest a lot of time in my career, I love my profession and the men and women who’s work surrounds and complements mine. I love being in touch with the profession and the events, conferences and new applications being developed. I am eager to learn new things and am in constant competition with myself.

Practicing sport performance for 11 years, I learned about discipline. Sport has made me what I am today, with the focus and discipline to adapt easily to new situations. and I think this is very important in my career as a make-up artist, managing to enjoy the confidence that my clients need to see in me.

I love what I do. The idea that I play with color, light and shadow, gives me the opportunity to make women feel beautiful. And when you feel beautiful, you trust yourself and you feel you can overcome any obstacle, that you can conquer the world.

I will let my portfolio speak for itself. Please enjoy it and let me know what you think!